Florida Association of Aging Services Providers

2024 FASP Awards

Humana Healthy Horizons Best DIRECT SERVICE


& Humana Healthy Horizons Senior Volunteer

 of the Year Award 

The 2024 FASP Awards Committee is no longer accepting nominations for the Humana Healthy Horizons Best Direct Service Employee of the Year and the Humana Healthy Horizons Senior Volunteer of the Year awards.

The deadline for submissions was Friday, June 14, 2024.

FASP Members were encouraged to nominate a Florida aging service employee or senior volunteer who has:

 Added value to the service benefiting and being delivered to elders

 Gone above and beyond to provide customer service and ensure customer satisfaction

 Developed community resources and support for provided services

 Demonstrated a high level of commitment to excellence

The Humana Healthy Horizons Best Direct Service Employee of the Year Award acknowledges an employee who makes a difference in the lives of seniors individually or through a unit, group, agency or organization.

The Humana Healthy Horizons Senior Volunteer of the Year Award acknowledges the accomplishments of a Senior Volunteer who serves clients.

FASP will present these awards during the Florida Conference on Aging to honor the dedication of Florida service employees and volunteers.  The 2023 Florida Conference on Aging will be held August 7-9, at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida.

Due to the generosity of Humana Healthy Horizons in Florida, Award winners will receive $500 for themselves and $500 for their agency, one year complimentary membership in FASP, complimentary registration to the Florida Conference on Aging and 1 night hotel stay to receive their award.

Past Best Direct Service
 Employee of the Year Award Winners

2023 Tammy Lampi
2022 Brian Taylor & Shane Swords

2021 Frances Duran-Brea
2020 Belkys Poueriet

2019 Lizabeth Miguel
2018 Carole Ware
2017 Ed Gines
2016 Paula Jory
2015 Sherry Tucker
2014 Toula Wootan
2013 Paulette Kozlowski
2012 Lori Radice
2011  Debbie Slade
2010 Therese Pokryfke

Past Senior Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

2022 Diana Day
2021 Seth Thomas Miller
2020 Denise Hegener

Past Scholarship Winners

2022 Diane Rhonelli & Irene Soto